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Ollin Vázquez

Born in Juchitán de Zaragoza, Oaxaca.

Ollin Vázquez is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and music producer focused on the creation of experimental music, vocal music and the technologies associated with sound. After a long career in the fields of contemporary music and experimental music, Ollin is looking to broaden his horizons by approaching music genres such as  trip hop, electronic music and art-pop.

He is currently beginning his doctoral studies in music technology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and his music has been presented at various festivals such as the Aires festival, the Sound + festival, Transversal Festival, the Oaxaca International Book Fair. In the same way, his music has sounded in various musical venues such as the Juan José Arreola Lake House, the Fonoteca Nacional de México and the Alicia Cultural Multiforum, among others.


FA(U)CES is an intimate walk through the feelings, history and fictions of the composer Ollin Vázquez. Throughout these 14 songs, Ollin tries to expose the relationship of the voice with memory and with our own history, trying to explore the ghosts that are discovered when singing and amplifying them with various electronic treatments.

In this album, the voice works as a means to heal family wounds, personal confusion and duels, seeking to transfigure them into sparks of hope guided by affection, tenderness and fiction.

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"The sound expresses itself, the listener's job is to distinguish these dissonances that, in a plausible way, generate a discourse, a sound micro-universe designed from the process of converting noise into music"

WARP Magazine

"The prevailing sound in his compositions could be ascribed to what we call experimental. There is something lo-fi, ambient and a vocal presence that complements the sounds"

MHR me hace ruido


tel. 5540994813


Ig. @ollin.boot

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